photograph by portraits to the people

i went to contemporary art school. while i was there, i tried to be: intellectual, deeply meaningful, cutting edge, praiseworthy. usually, i failed. it took a long time for me to remember that making art, thinking about art, is fun. but fun is a deceptive word. or maybe it is the wrong word. making art allows every day to be meaningful even as it is heartbreak and alienating. a vast landscape without a map.

i love antiquated technologies, maps, graphs, especially if they explicate the abstract, the complicated or the inexplicable. i am not a big fan of capitalization, paragraphs or pencils. i am currently listening to Ana Forrest's Fierce Medicine

the past year has been one of awakening and transformation. i used to do a lot of different things--my spiritual practice, my creative practice, my teaching practice. i see now that weaving them all together is my work.