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  • not every voice inside you comes ready to speak with words.

    newsletter two

    I know exactly what it feels like to give up, shut down, run away. I grew up with stories that I tried too hard, that I was too much and too loud. I allowed these stories to contain me well into my adulthood. Breaking that container took training and devotion. My training in shamanic practices and hatha yoga has taught me how to stay present in my body, no matter how frustrating or uncomfortable it might be to move through my thoughts and feelings. My devotion to Kali has taught me the freedom of reveling fully in the moment. Now, I trust my voice more than any other voice in the room. And I want to make space for all of the voices in the room. I’ve learned that it is in embracing my frailties that I am able to have a stronger, more intimate connection with myself. I like helping people connect to their creativity through the intimate voices inside of them. I teach people how to listen to themselves better, how to get out what is within them in a good way.

    October is a full, vibrant month for me. It is my birthday on the 25th and every year I turn the whole month into a creative celebration. Last weekend, I finished a collaborative installation for the SOMArts Day of the Dead exhibition; I'm performing as Kali in a dance show this coming weekend; and I am offering a ritual and a workshop at the Brouhaha Festival starting next week.

    I've got two offerings at Brouhaha. Spill Your Guts Paper Dolls & The Fierce Feminine Sex Ritual. I'll tell you all about them in a minute.

    about the Brouhaha Festival


    In order to manifest you need to cause a disturbance. Brouhaha is a 21 day long virtual festival where we cause a disturbance in the ways things are “normally” done. We’ll disrupt thought patterns, habits and beliefs. If change is truly going to happen in the “systems” of the world- first we each need to be willing to look at own internal “systems” and any places where we may be stuck. 
    At Brouhaha each workshop leader will be powerfully disrupting the way you think and giving you access to different ways not only of thinking but to different ways of ACTING. We’ll give you the HOW – not just the what and the why. We will help you take ACTION on the changes you’ve been called to make in your life!

    Brouhaha intentionally takes place during Scorpio Season. Brouhaha is up and running from 10/22 to 11/11.

    If this festival is exactly what you are looking for to make the magic happen in you life, check outthe Brouhaha Festival.

    Or listen to Denise's preview call here.

    Or get in touch with me, I'd love to talk to you.

    Spill Your Guts Paper Dolls

    spillyourguts web

    Not every voice inside you comes ready to speak with words. You carry stories that are too uncomfortable or frightening for you to own. Spill Your Guts Paper Dolls is a workshop about really seeing the things within that you may not want to see, and giving them voice. This workshop will push you to feel your difficult feelings and to create an evocative container to celebrate them, to own them fully.

    On this call, we start with a guided shamanic journey. The beat of the drum leads us deep into the earth where we uncover the images that resonate with the dark, hidden pieces of ourselves. From this powerful place comes the mess we need to spill onto paper. By the end of the call, you will be ready to make your paper doll and use it as an anchor throughout Brouhaha.

    This workshop is for you if you want to have all of your feelings; if you want to cultivate a deeper access to your creativity; if you want to spill your guts with no regrets.

    October 24th at 10:00 am. Interested? Sign up for Brouhaha or get in touch with me directly.

    The Fierce Feminine Sex Ritual

    The Fierce Feminine Sex Ritual invites you to inhabit your body exactly as it is in this moment. The power of the Hindu cycle of death and rebirth is something we can access through our own sexuality. This call will start with the yogic breath of fire to awaken your whole body, allowing you to own your fierce energy, to make it a part of your passion and sensuality. Invoking the Kali mantra will help you to cut through the illusions you carry about yourself. A serpent visualization will push you to shed the stories that no longer serve you. This ritual allows you the opportunity to be naked, physically and emotionally, with yourself, and to experience rebirth in your own body.

    October 27th at 6pm. Interested? Sign up for Brouhaha or get in touch with me directly.

    evaWave performance Oct 17 and Oct 18 at Noh Space

    Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 3.01.11 PM

    evaWave is a daring adventure into the Yin aspect, the Feminine, without invalidating the Yang balance: Rhythm, Birth, Kali Red Goddess, Tara Blue Sky Goddess, spider, frog, squirrel, bird, brutality of war and trauma, seaweed, Anthropocene age, freedom hieroglyph, and the arc of innocence, when day follows night…

    evaWave is a palindrome, wherein the beginning and the end have the same possibility as a starting point, and where the elements of the first half compliment their opposites in the second half. It is the first staged production of “Dance Echo In Reverse”, the MPOWERDANCE Global Dance Project for 2015.

    For tickets, go here.