artist statement

photograph by portraits to the people

i like telling stories; i try not to believe in them too much. i revel in the disturbance inherent to a good story, in the disequilibrium between two people, between many people. this unbalance brings clarity, promises myriad moments of crisis where one thing becomes another.

making art allows every day to be meaningful even as it is heartbreak and alienating. a vast landscape without a map. my creative practice is an intuitive one that involves layers, attunement, time, and attention. My sketchbook is a fertile ground of self-generated symbols, colors, and patterns that emerge in my larger work. I see each piece as a process of curiosity and medicine exploring the human experience and the more-than-human world.

the past year has been one of awakening and transformation. i used to do a lot of different things--my spiritual practice, my creative practice, my teaching practice. i see now that weaving them all together is my work.

want to talk art or collaborate? allysonseal (at) me (dot) com