artist statement

photograph by portraits to the people

i like telling stories; i try not to believe in them too much. i revel in the disturbance inherent to a good story, in the disequilibrium between two people, between many people. this unbalance brings clarity, promises myriad moments of crisis where one thing becomes another.

i believe we can accomplish more together than we can alone. community and collaboration are ecstatic occasions. both provide organic structure, boundaries composed by all players. these boundaries are something to push against because we are all moving bodies of difference, of otherness. to work together is to grapple and come out the other side transformed.

as an artist, i am fascinated by relationships between people, objects, aesthetics, words, intentions. every artist is a collaborator because an art piece demands a viewer to be finished. the viewer is one of the basic building blocks in the making of meaning. in my process i am interested in the journey from sender (artist) to receiver (viewer) and how the one can mean the other.

making art, thinking about art, is fun. ecstatic. art is a place of incandescence even as it is heartbreaking, alienating, a vast landscape without a map.

want to talk art or collaborate? allysonseal (at) me (dot) com