the creativity collaboration.

so many of us want to integrate our creativity into our lives in new and meaningful ways. for years, i have worked to help students embrace and enhance their artistic capacities. at the same time, i have sometimes struggled to chart my own creative path. one useful tool in my journey has been to focus on an intentional, daily creative practice. i offer to facilitate growth and discovery in your creative path by helping you to work on 
a meaningful, daily creative practice, with serendipitous intersections among different media.


here is a description of the creativity circle, and the essential threads of your commitment to the process and the work over the course of three months:


--drawing lines of inquiry through daily creative practice--

you will commit to a daily creative practice. 20 minutes a day. 

  • you may work on up to three lines of inquiry in specific creative activities, which you will document in a way that can be regularly shared with me. i ask that any activity or activities you choose be meaningful to you. you may already be a master, or a journeywoman, or a beginner. i ask only that it is something that fills you up, and that you would like to share with others. writing, singing, playing an instrument, making chocolates or treats, drawing, building from nature, painting.  

you will check in weekly

  • we will find a weekly time to talk for an hour. about your process and practice; about what it is that is coming up and that you are moving through. I'll push you to get curious and dig deep into what matters. sometimes, you might have homework of pursuing a particularly line of inquiry or revisiting themes and ideas of the work you've made. 

if you live locally, our first and last meeting will be in person 

  • to start and close our work together we will meet in person, talk about where you are at and what you want. we'll do work together to give you a clear idea of where you are headed. if you live far away, our first and last meeting will be a 2 hour call as opposed to an in-person meeting. 

our work together will require a solid commitment of time and attention--a daily practice of 20 minutes and a weekly one hour call. 

The creativity circle is for you if you want to listen to yourself better. Get out what is within you. It’s about being seen and vulnerable, it's about seeing yourself more clearly. It’s about being held gently while having accountability.

The financial commitment is $597 for twelve calls & two in-person sessions. 

Curious about how this works and what I can do for you? Email me so we can have a free twenty-minute phone consultation about where you are at and what you want.

Not quite ready to make the deep dive with me? Interested in working together for a session or two? Check this opportunity out.